About Air Conditioning Group

Air Conditioning Group a subsidiary of Grant Group was established in 2007, is Cambridge and Hamilton-based and mostly installs, services, and repairs domestic and commercial air conditioners and ventilation systems in the Waikato, Auckland and Bay of Plenty areas.

Currently the company has five permanent staff members, consisting of two qualified air conditioning engineers, a registered electrician, an electrical engineer, and an administrative manager. However, the company has ready access to other skilled contractors to assist with large projects.

All of the technical staff, but in particular the air conditioning engineers, have many years of practical experience in the air conditioning industry and have been involved in a wide range of projects. This greatly facilitates the work as it ensures that they are able to avoid potential problems and also have the expertise to resolve any issues that may arise on site.

Our senior air conditioning engineer is an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) and is able to issue Form 12A certificates in terms of Section 108(3)(c) of the Building Act 2004.

We provide our engineers with a full range of good quality equipment and tools to carry out all of their installation work. This ensures quick, neat work to consistently high standards and maintains the professionalism of our engineers.

The company strongly emphasizes work safety both to ensure that our engineers don’t get injured on site but also to make sure they don’t endanger anyone else- important in domestic environments where one may need to work near others.

Over the years, the company has developed close ties to related local companies such as plumbers, construction firms and solid/gas heating firms and this enables Airconditioning Group to offer a wide range of heating and cooling solutions in both the domestic and the commercial sector.

The company’s strong technical expertise and high work standards has been recognized by reputable suppliers. Airconditioning Group has consequently been appointed as one of the few Daikin dealers for the Waikato as well as a service agent for Panasonic NZ. It should be mentioned that one of the benefits of this is that we are able to get very competitive pricing on units from these suppliers, but we are, however able to supply and install any of the reputable brands, as needed.

Being confident of our excellent workmanship standards, the company is one of the sole companies that offer a five-year warranty on all of its installation work.
For further information, please contact: Ian Grant at 027 514 1521