Ensure optimal performance and efficiency of your heat pump with professional servicing.

Our experts offer comprehensive maintenance, repairs, and tune-ups, guaranteeing year-round comfort. Experience worry-free heating and cooling today!

Heat pump servicing helps to:

  • Extend the lifespan of your unit
  • Increase the performance efficiency of your unit
  • Reduce your power bills
  • Lower the cost of your repair bills
  • Provide you with exceptional heating and cooling properties

What’s included in heat pump servicing?

Our comprehensive Inspection ensures you heat pump runs economically,

Our maintenance checklist includes:

  • Testing the unit on heating/cooling and recording on/off temperatures
  • Removal and washing of the indoor unit filters & the disinfection of the coil
  • Checking the fan wheel and motor for excessive dirt build-up, noise and balance
  • Checking and changing batteries in the remote controller if required
  • Treating and washing outdoor unit coils
  • Checking for any noise and vibration
  • Checking electrical terminations and tightening if required
  • Removing the outdoor unit lid and checking for vermin or insect nests
  • Checking service valves and flare connections for leaks, plus checking and tightening the service caps
  • Checking that the interconnecting service’s penetration through the wall/floor is sealed
  • Confirm condition of the isolation switch.