With energy prices going up, there has never been a better time to rethink the heating and cooling systems used in your home or business. Heat pumps are excellent for heating your home during those chilly winter months. Choose the right type, and it will also keep you cool during summer.

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Choosing Your Heat Pump

Split Heat Pump System

A split system has a condenser unit outside and an air-handler unit inside. The indoor unit size is dependent on the size of the room. Our heating expert will advise as to which size is required.
These are the most common type of heat pumps in New Zealand.

Multi-Split Heat Pump System

Multi-split heat pump systems have two or more indoor units that each connect to an outdoor unit. Multi-split heat pumps provide the ultimate solution for customised climate control.
These systems are ideal for larger homes.

Ducted Heating Solutions

Ducted heat pumps have pipes going through walls, ceiling or under the floor. Air supply grills deliver air into chosen rooms of the house. Daikin ducted air conditioning units are a reliable and efficient choice.
Ideal for apartments, townhouses and smaller homes.

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Ian and his team installed a small air conditioning unit in our small unit in Cambridge. We found the service of very high quality, timely and were very happy with the experience.

David Partis