Stylish and elegant design, a premium climate solution

  • Inverter technology for precise temperature control and energy efficiency

  • Intelligent Eye sensor technology to detect human movement and adjust the airflow accordingly

  • Coanda airflow technology to distribute air evenly throughout the room

  • 3D air flow technology for multi-directional airflow

  • Flash Streamer technology to purify the air by removing bacteria and viruses

The Daikin Zena range is a series of split system air conditioners designed for residential applications.

The Zena range is characterized by its sleek, modern design, which is intended to blend in with the decor of a contemporary home.

These units feature a high energy efficiency rating, advanced air purification technology, and are designed to operate quietly, making them an ideal choice for bedrooms and other quiet spaces.

The Zena range also includes features such as intelligent eye sensors that adjust the air flow based on whether a room is occupied or not, and wifi connectivity that allows for remote control and monitoring of the air conditioner.

Overall, the Daikin Zena range is a premium line of air conditioning units designed to offer both comfort and style in a residential setting.